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Puerto Morelos Real Estate for Sale

Puerto Morelos, is located at the main entrance of the  "Riviera Maya" at only 15 minutes (18 km / 11 miles) south of the Cancun International Airport,  down the coast of the State of Quintana Roo.  Puerto Morelos is the perfect contrast between the glamourous five-star Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Its low-key people and interesting sites offer unique activities tailored to individual groups.







Compared to its well known neighbors, Puerto Morelos definitely moves to a different beat. In fact, Puerto Morelos is decidedly easy going and bohemian in the best sense of the word. Residents include entrepeneurs, painters, artisans, marine biologists, dive masters, doctors, local fishermen and foreigners from both continents.

Here, the new age tourist can experience Reiki and Energy Balancing Massages, Meditation, Yoga and special workshops. You will hear English, Dutch, French, German, Swiss, Italian, Mayan and of course Spanish spoken at one time or another. There is virtually no crime, making it one of the reasons why many foreigners have chosen Puerto Morelos as their home. It has a wide variety of Guest Houses, Bed and Breakfast facilities, Condominiums and Hotels that range from moderate to deluxe and "All Inclusive" category.

Throughout the year, there is always a cooling offshore breeze along its tropical shoreline. The rainy season extends from June to the middle of November. From December through May, the skies are a sure blue with low humidity and temperatures ranging from 60 degrees F. at night to 90 degrees F. during the day. Water temperature remains constant at 76-78 degrees F.  May and June are delightful months with temperatures only slightly higher than December to April. July and August are hot and somewhat humid.